Artist Juan Suarez Blanco receives the National Culture Distinction

Juan Suárez Blanco en su exposición personal Contrapunto II Metáforas de la Resistencia.
Juan Suarez Blanco in his personal exhibition Counterpoint II Metaphors of Resistance.

We couldn't be prouder, artist Juan Suarez Blanco (JSB) was granted the Distinction for National Culture, this January 4, 2022, along with 13 other creators and professionals of the nation linked to the visual arts and cultural heritage.

The information was published in Cuba's Official Gazette, which recognizes "the meritorious and praiseworthy work of creators and specialists in the visual arts, whose works stand out for achieving an approach to contemporary issues, transcending national and international scope, reasons that distinguish them as genuine exponents of Cuban culture".

Precisely, Suarez Blanco inaugurated on December 21, 2021 his personal exhibition Counterpoint II Metaphors of Resistance at the Jose Marti Memorial, available until January 2022, an exhibition curated by Yaiset Ramirez, director of Maxima gallery.

Conceived by two large pictorial zones, one of peace and silence and the other of strong emotions, Counterpoint II... offers the viewer a hilarious route of life itself, as a result of moments of stillness, convulsions, love, pain and sadness. We are talking about a transit of feelings behind pastel colors, erosions, embedded objects and other pictorial elements that demonstrate the artist's eagerness to transit through the sublime.

The exhibition, among several added values, has a singular detail: JSB shows the last piece of the Erosion series, under the title Erosion VII, a tribute to the masters of concrete art in Cuba. In an exclusive interview for Maxima, the professor explained that he owed this work to those who inspired him on his way to abstraction and conceptualism.

A good part of Juan Suarez Blanco's production can be found in Maxima, where we offer a unique journey through the diverse works of this artist.

Also recognized with the Distinction for National Culture were Rigoberto Guas Ortega, Raimundo Orozco Vega, Virgina Alberdi, Luis Antonio Ramirez Jimenez, Luis Octavio Hernandez Rodriguez, Adela Maria Suarez Gonzalez, Luis Enrique Garcia Horruitiner, Oscar Rodriguez Lasseria, Nazario Salazar Martinez, Jose Ramiro Ricardo Feria, Lauro Hechavarria Osorio, Xiomara Gutierrez Valera.

Published 4/01/ 2021