Douglas Perez Castro exhibits at Maxima gallery

Invitación de la muestra personal de Douglas Pérez Castro "Futurama".
Invitation to Douglas Perez Castro's personal exhibition "Futurama".

After more than a year without public attendance, the Maxima Gallery space resumes its program of on-site activities with the exhibition Futurama, by artist Douglas Perez Castro, on December 16 at 5:00 p.m., in the context of the 14th Havana Biennial.

For this opportunity, we have prepared ourselves and are looking forward to the opening day. The artist will exhibit this time around 50 works from the Vedado series, an exhaustive work of his authorship with years of research and results.

Douglas Perez Castro goes back in his painting to the mythical Havana neighborhood in the 20th century, a symbol of elegance and comfort. He also pays homage to the city's architecture and those great minds that bequeathed us buildings worthy of memory and contemplation.

As a creator, he goes beyond the apparent, portraying the daily life of Cubans in perfect dialogue with the here, the now and the past. We will not see a figuration stopped in time as an untouchable showcase, but rather harmony and dialogue prevail in the exhibition.

Curated by Yaiset Ramirez, director of Maxima, Futurama takes over the graphics of the 1950s poster to give us back an experience of who we have been through history.

Located on Belgica Avenue (Monserrate Street), on the corner of Tejadillo (next to the National Museum of Fine Arts, Cuban Art Building), Maxima invites those who wish to experience the colors and pictorial intentions of Futurama.