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Rafael San Juan.

"Volume had it built in easier than color" (Part I).

Entrevista con el escultor Rafael San Juan, parte del catálogo de Maxima gallery.

El Guernica se ilumina con la tecnología más innovadora y sostenible.

Guernica illuminated with the most innovative and sustainable technology

The public that comes now to contemplate this work and those that surround it, will be able to enjoy an indirect lighting designed for this environment.

El actor John Malkovich interpretó a Klimt.

Top ten movies about artists' lives

From Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali to Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci, a review of film productions inspired by their creative trajectories.

Pedro Pablo Oliva "Muchacha enamorada de un ángel" (detalle).

Sculptures by Pedro Pablo Oliva in Maxima

We analyze the sculptures of Pedro Pablo Oliva, part of the Maxima Gallery catalog.

Víctor Manuel (detalle). Foto: Ernesto Fernández.

Rome hosts exhibition of painter Victor Emmanuel

The art of the famous Cuban painter Victor Manuel arrives in Rome

Alfredo Sosabravo.

The enchanted soul in its postmodern home

Analysis of the work of artist Alfredo Sosabravo by art critic Rufo Caballero.

Juan Suárez Blanco.

Juan Suarez Blanco: "My biography and that of the people I love".

Interview with the renowned artist Juan Suarez Blanco, exclusive creator of the Máxima catalog.

Coffee Time.

Luis Enrique Camejo Vento: "the city as a symbol of the human being" (Part I)

First part of the interview to the painter Luis Enrique Camejo Vento in Maxima gallery